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or, are we mad?

rain 15 °C

We are taking part in a six week circumnavigation of the UK organised by Cornish Cruising. Travelling anticlockwise from Falmouth we will be covering something like 2000 miles, which means an average daily sail of 50 miles - so a lot of early starts, long days and night passages we suspect!

There will be seven of us altogether and we haven't met the other five - tomorrow should be interesting.....

I will be trying to update this blog daily, but that depends on having the free time and an internet connection, so don't be surprised or concerned if there are gaps between posts

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1) Evening in Falmouth

sunny 15 °C

We are not going anywhere this evening, having a curry instead whilst familiarising ourselves with the boat. Plan is to set off early tomorrow morning and head for Brighton which is a 36 hour sail, if this proves too ambitious we may stay at Dartmouth tomorrow evening.

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2) Falmouth to Brighton


sunny 15 °C

When we got on the boat in Falmouth we were expecting the suggestion would be for a gentle sail along the coast - perhaps to Fowey or somewhere like that with perhaps a days sailing to Salcombe or Dartmouth the next day. However, that was not what Mark the skipper had in mind. "how about we have an early night, get up early tomorrow and sail straight for Brighton" he said, merely mentioning as a casual aside that it was only a 36 hour sail. Well, he being the skipper that's what we did and we arrived here in Brighton early this afternoon. We took the night sailing in watches, 2 hours on and four off, which worked ok, although its difficult to sleep as the motion was pretty strong and we had the engine going right next to us. The wind wasn't quite strong enough to sail without the engine and it was also coming from right behind us which is not an easy sail as the boom can whip across from side to side which is not something you want to happen. Therefore we just had the headsail out with the motor to help out. its a strange thing sailing at night, the waves can't really be seen, particularly in this case as they were coming up behind us and the boat was surfing along the backs of them. Its not exactly like flying as you feel very much on the sea but it is very exciting in a vaguely similar sort of way.
During the afternoon we passed the Eddystone Lighthouse
We spent the night going across Lyme Bay and past the Southern shores of the Isle of Wight. In the morning we passed Worthing - hooray!

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Hilary at the Helm


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3) Brighton to Ramsgate

Motoring through calm seas with no wind but a good day- passed the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse and ended up in Ramsgate, which is a surprisingly pretty placed with some beautiful Georgian squares and crescents, houses that would cost millions in London.

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