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Warkworth Castle


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Warkworth beach in a force 8 offshore wind

spent the day in Amble / Warkworth as winds too strong to go out today. Nice place, fantastic castle and lovely long sandy beach, miles long with only three people on it.


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Amble to Eyemouth

Left Amble in strong winds, about force 6, and sailed up to the Farne Islands, a good sail, though the wind was increasing and the sea a bit rough. Went outside the islands to avoid the dangers of the narrow channel inside the islands but that meant that when we turned back intowards the coast we were slamming into a head sea against a force 7. Could not sail, so motored but in the end had to divert off our intended track as the slamming as we went down into a trough got so bad. Qu ite relieved to get safely into Eyemouth just before it got dark. Exhilarating day, but tiring. Eyemouth looked an interesting little place with a small fishing fleet and a just a few shops and two pubs. Locals accents were virtually inpenetrable but incredibly friendly.

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Eyemouth to Peterhead

Left Eyemouth by squeezing past huge seal who looked as though he was blocking the entire harbour entrance, which is very small at the best of times. Luckily, he sank in a swirl of bubbles just before we ran over him. Good sail to the North for the first 50 miles then the wind died and we motorsailed the next 50. Saw more seabirds than up til now, long formations of gannets flying North for some reason, plus many guilliemots in the water and the occasional puffin. Arrived Peterhead at 1am, a difficult arrival as the harbour is very big and covered with lights which obscure the ones we were looking out for. Luckily a flat calm on arrival and we found the Marina entrance inside the harbour.

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Peterhead to Inverness

Storm warnings

Took a very disappointing decision in Peterhead not to go North to the Orkneys but to cut round to Inverness and probably go through the canal to Fort William and Oban. the problem is that the remnants of Hurricane Katia is due to hit NW Scotland and the Orkneys on Monday and Tuesday with Force 9 winds and wave heights of up to 14m which are not something you want anything to do with. We could of got to Orkney ok but would then likely have had to wait at least a week possibly more, in order to get safely round Cape Wrath (aptly named by all accounts). It's a shame as it means we won't be circumnavigating the UK as planned, but there we are. Was cheered up considerably on the way to Inverness by a whale, which jumped clear out of the water about half a mile away from us and came down again with a huge crash and splash. No idea why they do that but it was a wonderful thing to see. Sadly, Hilary was down below at the time but maybe we will see more on the West coast.

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