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Loch Harport on Skye

A good day across to Skye with some proper sailing in brisk winds, we saw some dolphins on the way over and it was good to feel we were going North again.

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Skye to South Uist

South Uist is in the Outer Hebrides and we were so excited to finally get there. It's a place we've always wanted to get to and were not disappointed. As we arrived early afternoon we went ashore and had a walk around, the amazing thing was how friendly everyone was, inviting us to walk through their land for example. Everyone who passed us in a car stopped to see if we wanted a lift - it was quite a revelation. We decided that the best thing to do would be to come back with a car and a tent and explore properly. The western side of the islands have enormously long beaches of pure white sand but we didn't have time to get over there.

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Quiet evening in the Outer Hebrides


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Up to Harris

Started by sailing but could not make enough headway (this boat does not make very good progress sailing in any direction except where the wind is coming more or less from the side or from behind) so ended up motoring up to an island called Scalpay which is just off Harris and just short of the Northernmost part of the Outer Hebrides. There was no sign of any Harris Tweed shops so I was glad I had bought a jacket earlier on this trip in a very seedy warehouse in Peterhead. This will be furthest North we get on this trip but the journey up the coast from Uist was quite spectacular - big mountains coming right down to the sea, steep cliffs and waterfalls and, just occasionally, a white painted croft tucked into a fold in the hills. Certainly this is a place to come back to, though given the scarcity of anchorages, probably not by boat.

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Back to Skye

To get back to Skye we had to cross a stretch of sea called The Minch which is generally quite rough as it was indeed this day. Michael (another crew member) who gets a bit anxious when the seas are a bit rough sought some reassurance from Mark the skipper by saying that "he supposed if the boat was holed it had enough bouyancy to carry on floating" to which Mark (who could never be accused of being sensitive or empathetic) replied "oh no, she'd sink like a stone"
Fortunately this did not happen, we had a great sail back around the North coast of Skye and dived into Portree for shelter. In Portree we also found a hostel to have a shower in (first for several days) and also found a hotel which served fantastic seafood platters, as good as any I've ever had. Dale (another crew member) caused some consternation by having one of these platters, which are designed for two, all to himself, followed by a sticky toffee pudding. He was complaining the next day of having put on weight this trip although the connection still does not seem to have been made. Hilary and I are very lucky to have each other on this trip, I don't think we could have stood the personal relationships with the rest of the crew on our own. Dale certainly is missing his wife very badly and confessed that he'd gone so far as to buy a train ticket back home from Inverness, but then decided to go through with it. Thank God he did though because he is a real asset on the boat, we think if he had gone home then we might have been forced to follow him. One thing is certain though, this trip is giving us an enormous amount of experience, as well as taking us to places that we would not have gone to on our own. It has also made us really appreciate our own boat, which may be small but has many virtues (no other crew being a big one!). If any readers of this blog are ever tempted to buy or charter a Bavaria then don't.

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