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Portree Harbour, Skye

And there is only one person mad enough to swim in it...


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Through the dreaded Kyle of Localsh

The Kyle of Localsh is a very narrow stretch of water (now crossed by a bridge) which separates Skye from the mainland. The tide runs very strongly and the winds also funnel up or down it so you need to time your trip down it quite carefully. We knew that we were going to trouble with it because the winds were getting up but in fact the reality was worse than expectations. The wind had risen to force 7, gusting 8 and the water was coming up over the boat like crazy. Standing at the helm we got so wet it was like someone was chucking buckets of water over us. Luckily the stretch of water is not that long so it came to an end at last and after 3 hours we got into Mallaig where we stayed another day to let the worst of the storm blow through.

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The Silver Sands of Morar

Back on the mainland just south of Mallaig

We had a day out at Mallaig and had a long walk along the coast past Morar where these beaches are quite lovely. I thought they seemed a little familiar and it turns out they were used for the filming of Local Hero, which we had watched again only a few months ago. The weather has been pretty atrocious the last week or so and the trip has sometimes seemed a little relentless. I am reminded of Sam, wandering in the Land of Mordor, having visions of being in his quiet vegetable garden at home!


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Mallaig to Tobermory

We waited in Mallaig for the storm to die down, which it did although it left a very rough sea behind it. Unfortunately we did not have much option but to go on, which we did on the Friday, motoring into a heavy sea coming right at you is not much fun, the boat slams down into the troughs unless you can manage to just catch it by turning either slightly left or right. The problem is that if you are not careful then you can end up broadside on to the waves to the waves which is definitely not a good plan! Anyway we got round Ardnamurchan Point which was the real obstacle and found the seas much calmer as we got into the waters between Mull and the mainland. As we stopped in Tobermory it was almost a flat calm, an extraordinary contrast to a few hours and twenty miles before.

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Tobermory to Oban

A short run but a very beautiful one, down the Sound of Mull and across to Oban.

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