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Someone awake on the Helm


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4) Ramsgate to Lowestoft

sunny 17 °C

Fantastic days sail across the mouth of the Thames Estuary and past enormous areas of wind farms. We were making between 8 and 10 knots. most of the time which is pretty good for sailing. Arrived at dusk at Lowestoft and managed to get fish and chips at the (very fancy) yacht club. Quiet morning today (friday) and we are off at lunchtime to Whitby, which all being well we should get to tomorrow afternoon. It is very nice to have few hours off the boat. Being more or less full (there are seven of us) and carrying a lot of food means there are serious storage difficulties. Being in our cabin is a bit like living in a cupboard full of clothes thats fallen on its side!

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5) Lowestoft to Whitby

overcast 15 °C

Got to Whitby today from Lowestoft, calm seas and not much wind so motored all the way. started in mist but this cleared during the night to reveal gas platforms as far as the eye could see, an extraordinary sight, lit up like christmas trees. Disconcertingly, ships were moving between them but difficult to spot due to all the other lights. However, eventually a lovely morning and we got here about 12 noon. Had to moor on a temporary ( too short) pontoon whilst we waited for the bridge to open so we could get up to the marina. This photo is the first where i've been able to get her all in one photo.


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Whitby to Amble via Nigeria

(previous map error due to site not believing Whitby existed)

storm 11 °C

Left Whitby about 10 and sailed to Amble a distance of about 60miles. Wind quite strong about force6 so reefed down quite a lot and flew along at about 8 knots until wind died mysteriously about halfway there, then equally mysteriously the engine died, leaving us wallowing around. Called coastguard and asked them to standby but in the event started engine again. Wind returned in strength so sailed on to Amble without problem. Nice place by the look of it as we are going to be storm bound here for a day certainly.

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